The YFI‘s Original Team Launches YFI on the Binance Smart Chain

Cape Town, South Africa, 18th Oct 2023 – Yearn Finance’s biggest project in the Binance Smart Chain is now live with Web3.0 Smart Contract: 0x8772eb993841c335185afc1a55c1d9347099e2e9.

With the launch, YFI has made a significant move in the DeFi sector, signaling the beginning of mergers and acquisitions between blockchain projects, as well as the rise of index funds and passive investments in the Web3.0 industry. The entire industry is moving towards specialization and financialization.

Many blockchain experts actually have extensive experience in the stock market before entering the cryptocurrency market. They apply the trading experience they gained in the stock market to the early days of the cryptocurrency market and benefit from the opportunities of the times.

In just one month, YFI has multiplied many times over, bringing Big Aunt into everyone’s view. Is there such a strategy in the world of DeFi?

Big Aunt on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is created by the original team of Titanium Chain’s Big Aunt. It has appeared out of nowhere.

There is news that the original Big Aunt team, in collaboration with various major communities, has started a new project (YFI) on the BSC chain, and multiple communities are coming together to promote and preach it!

The official announcement states that it will be listed on the BSC PancakeSwap exchange around March 25th.

Holding YFI for Compound Interest: Holding 10 YFI coins compounds at 0.25% per day.

LP Mining: 25 YFI/day + Passive 25 YFI Promotion


Passive computing power is available for LPs with more than 1.2YFI added. The more YFI LPs a user adds, the more YFI tokens they can mine every day. Governance Reward YFI: 20% for the first layer of compound interest and mining income. 5% for the second to fifteenth layers of compound interest and mining income. 10% for the sixteenth layer of compound interest and mining income. LPs are rewarded with BNB three times a day for adding LLP tokens. Compound interest is generated every 4 hours.

YFI’s most significant feature is its integration of popular DeFi mechanisms, bringing various functions together in an attempt to create “Web3.0.” This can effectively increase the utilization of capital and allow for more interaction between assets.

Quick-start with Yearn Finance Binance Smart Chain Protocols- YFI-BEP20

How to participate:

To kick start Yearn Finance Binance Smart Chain Network’s launch of the YFI token, we have decided to giveaway 500 YFI. In order to participate, users just need to send between 0.001 YFI to the official contribution address, and they will receive back between 0.03 YFI to 0.1 YFI at the address they sent the tokens from.

0.001+ YFI to receive 0.003+ YFI back.

0.1+ YFI to receive 0.3+ YFI back.

YFI Contribution Address: 0x92B9Fc37EFa6e24e3721FaE22821667f29849F47

Users can also send YFI from their phones by scanning the QR code. It should be noted that one can send any amount of YFI (between 0.001–5) and they will be airdropped back 2x.

Terms and Conditions:

—This promotion is available worldwide. Anyone can participate.

— A user can only participate once. If they try to participate more than once, their YFI will be automatically refunded.

— A user can send YFI using any wallet or exchange — it does not matter.

If the transaction does not process properly, please try by sending the same amount to the YFI address again, and it should go through. A user’s original transaction will be refunded as they can only participate once.

To learn more, visit:

For updates, follow YFI on X (formerly Twitter):

Media Contact

Organization: Yearn Finance Binance

Contact Person: Andre‘s Team



City: Cape Town

Country: South Africa

Release Id: 1810237199

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